John Kachmar for Mayor of Bethlehem:

On The Issues


John Kachmar brings 28 years of experience managing county and city budgets in several locations around the U.S. He believes in sound fiscal management, low taxes, business growth and delivery of efficient city services.

Fiscal Responsibility

Bethlehem is a great city with a rich history, great neighborhoods and wonderful people. Bethlehem has been at the forefront of our country’s growth and prosperity during World Wars I and II, and our city played an important role in the post-World War II boom. As mayor, I want to ensure that we can build on the solid foundation laid by our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. I know how it is done.

I am fortunate to have served for 28 years in different cities and counties as the manager and chief executive of those communities being placed as an experienced International City/County Management Association (ICMA) leader. During that time, I produced 27 budgets with no tax increase. Some say I am an expert at controlling spending and managing communities.

My priority is to provide basic, cost-efficient services while paying constant attention to saving the taxpayers money. Fiscal responsibility is an honorable obligation to people who entrust you with the public good.

I pledge to improve operations to help the City of Bethlehem deliver timely and efficient services for our residents while ending further tax increases.

I pledge to act as a balance to the Democratic City Council’s pandering to special interest groups seeking more spending of your hard-earned tax dollars on pie-in-the-sky initiatives.

I pledge to act as mayor to all the people, all the time.

Clean, Safe Neighborhoods

The City of Bethlehem, as the Christmas City and home to Musikfest, is a tourist destination. And year ‘round, it is our home. As such, John wants to make sure the streets are safe for residents and visitors alike – clean, walkable and a testament to the quality of the people who live and work here.

The city operations, including trash collection, street cleaning and weed control, all need attention. It will not cost more money to do these things right, but it requires the appropriate allocation of the existing funds and general management. Also, our parks, recreation, library services and other municipal assets need to be maintained and updated to serve our children and to be preserved for future generations.

Most importantly, our police need to be supported, not politicized, to keep all of us safe.

Jobs, Business and Infrastructure

I’ve managed governmental programs in the Lehigh Valley focusing on jobs, through Manpower and the senior centers. I also have served in three other states as manager and administrator of cities and counties. This experience made it clear to me the importance of a strong jobs base as part of a stable local economy.

I have learned that fiscal health has two parts: control spending and build the local economy. That means improving employment and income opportunities for the people of Bethlehem. To increase opportunities for workers and employers, my office will establish a public-private partnership (not funded with tax dollars) to keep our local economy strong.

We also need to ensure that the streets, municipal services, and our public utilities provide an attractive setting for business and industry. With strong management and oversight, it is possible to create opportunity and save tax dollars at the same time.