ElectJohn Kachmar

Mayor of Bethlehem

Remember to vote for John Kachmar on November 2nd, 2021!

John Kachmar is a seasoned leader and Bethlehem native. A wounded and decorated combat Vietnam Veteran USMC, John is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and Moravian College. With many years of executive management of city and county administrations, John believes our city is headed for trouble. He has a passion for transparent and efficient city government that can stop this trouble in its tracks.

John Kachmar

Working For You!

Experienced Senior Manager in City, County and Federal Government

Fiscally Sound - Solutions to Lower Your Taxes and Maintain City Services

Strong Support for Police, Fire and Municipal Workers

Hometown Values – Stable Quality of Life for All Residents In All Neighborhoods

Business-Oriented - Job Creation & Retention through Business Development Support

Bethlehem Needs Experienced Leadership!

Kachmar brings 28 years of experience managing County and City budgets and operations to help Bethlehem deliver services and work to stop further tax increases.

Now is the time for a change. Choose John Kachmar to balance the Democratic City Council pandering the special interest groups seeking more spending.